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MUDS Workshop

Professional Adult & Kid Pottery Workshop




陶藝班限制每班人數,以小組教學,您將會學習基本陶藝技巧,包括陶藝拉杯技能。我們還會教授一些陶藝基礎知識,及陶藝技巧如手捏、盤築、鏤空、泥板等。加上不同工具的運用、 壓模、施釉等。


Mud's Workshop located at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong Island which provide a comfort place to learn pottery. 


The pottery classes at Mud's Workshop are a mix of beginners to more experienced students, which encourages a cooperative learning environment. Classes are adjusted to your learning needs. 


In order to give individual instruction, we limit the number of students in each class.  Wheel throwing class including on the basic skills of centering, coning up and down, and pulling up the walls of a bowl.  Students will also be introduced to some hand-building projects, which included pinching, slab-building, coiling and glazing ...etc.

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